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hetalia FC guide or rant
Now I don't know if anyone remembers me saying this, but I had stated;
"About 95% of Hetalia FCS are unoriginal."
I whole-heartedly admit being wrong on this. I've seen people who have done their research.
Though there are still those people who somehow make pretty bad OCs. So I want to state a few things to improve Hetalia OCS.
Through this, I will be using Bermuda a lot as my example. I have not drawn her yet but I intend to.
Stereotypes are what the characters are made of, such as "all Americans eat McDonalds everyday" or "French people are complete perverts." When giving your characters personality and such, look these up. Time and time again I see OCs that have something like "they are sweet and kind and…" no. just no. places such as Honduras are criminal places, and people there are stereotyped to be very manipulative, and perverted,  so why not do that, instead of the "flowery sunshiny kittens" personality (yes we're calling it that now).
:iconflowerchan123:Flowerchan123 18 3
Sources For Creating Hetalia OCs
So, you want to make a Hetalia OC? Awesome! They can be super fun, but super challenging, too. They are personifications. To personify something is to represent something, in this case, the embodiment of a country, as a human. Personifying a whole country? If that doesn't sound a bit overwhelming, you're either a pro, or you're a good OC maker!
Why? Because it means you respect what it takes. The thing with Hetalia is, it's supposed to be based off of history, culture, stereotypes, and everything that makes a country unique. It's a lot to handle.
Which is why I've created this: A list of sources for building a Hetalia OC.
Average heights by country
Why it's Important: It's canon to base your character's height off of the country's average. If you cannot find the average height of what your character represents, you can use an averag
:iconlmbrake:lmbrake 133 32
Random head-shot thing by RikuRiki Random head-shot thing :iconrikuriki:RikuRiki 5 1 APH Bosina and Herzegovina by RikuRiki APH Bosina and Herzegovina :iconrikuriki:RikuRiki 2 0
Info about Slovakia for APH OC makers - FOOD
Som hrozne hladná! I hate bananas D: Today I, DokuDoki, will show you little bit of Slovak cuisine. I'm sure you don't know it, and someone don't have to like it. I'll show you our national food, slovak cheeses, or some very simple and tasty recipes.
Traditional Slovak food maybe isn't the most low-fat, but it's wholesome and down-to-earth. It's also very cheap and often easy to cook.
Slovakia has a rich geography, from flat Danube lowlands on the south to the High Tatras on the north. But most of country is hilly and mountainous. There were lots of simple peasants, who spent their days working on the fields or watching after sheep in the mountains. The cuisine evolved from the ingredients people grew in their gardens, or from the products of the animals they raised.
Potatoes, garlic, lentils, beans, cabbage and onions and chicken, pork, fish and beef make the basics o
:icondokudoki:DokuDoki 5 1
Info about Slovakia for APH OC makers - HOLIDAYS
Today I, DokuDoki, will tell you something about Slovak holidays, how we (usually) celebrate them, when they are, or which are the most important.
Tak teda začnime :3

(note: from the January to the December)
6th January is known as the Three Kings (Traja králi). Eh, it's just a free day... no work and after this day it's over of the Christmas Holidays (Vianočné prázdniny) and kids must go back to school.
Known as Fašiangy. It's season between Epiphany and Easter. After this fourty day long fasting (pôst) begins, so generaly it used to be season of the carnivals, parties and eat-as-much-meat-as-you-can. Traditions are different between regions, for example in Liptov region used to be tradition eating scrambled eggs while in Hont region making the spirits.
Nowaday it's in towns usually parties season, however in vill
:icondokudoki:DokuDoki 7 9
Info about Slovakia for APH OC makers - RELATIONS
This episode is maybe the most important, because today I, DokuDoki, will tell about our relationships with another countries.
Slovaks are Slavs. More accurately West Slavs. In the world there are three main Slavic groups - East Slavs, South Slavs and West Slavs. Most of APH fans think that these groups are cousins to each other.
East Slavs - Belarus (Bielorusko), Russia (Rusko), Ukraine (Ukrajina)
South Slavs - Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosna a Hercegovina), Bulgaria (Bulharsko), Croatia (Chorvátsko), Macedonia (Macedónsko), Montenegro (Čierna Hora), Serbia (Srbsko), Slovenia (Slovinsko)
West Slavs - Czech Republic (Česká republika, shortly Česko), Poland (Poľsko), Slovakia (Slovensko)
(note: I didn't include Slavic nationalities without independent country, like Sorbians or Ruthenians)
:icondokudoki:DokuDoki 10 46
Dividers 3 PLZ |PlzCatalog
This is official PlzCatalog group's PLZ listing. Visit our page to find more lists.
If you know more or spot any errors please send us a note or comment below.

Sparkles (continuation):
:iconplzcatalog:PlzCatalog 220 29
Dividers 2 PLZ |PlzCatalog
This is official PlzCatalog group's PLZ listing. Visit our page to find more lists.
If you know more or spot any errors please send us a note or comment below.

Animals (continuation):
:iconplzcatalog:PlzCatalog 258 54
Dividers 1 PLZ |PlzCatalog
This is official PlzCatalog group's PLZ listing. Visit our page to find more lists.
If you know more or spot any errors please send us a note or comment below.
:iconplzcatalog:PlzCatalog 1,085 245
Info about Slovakia for APH OC makers - NAME
Vitajte opäť! Now I, DokuDoki, will tell you something about Slovak first names, surnames, and names in general. Maybe you're thinking "Omg, why?!", but nothing can make Hetafan angry more than OC with foreign name that doesn't even sound native. Especially if your OC is female you should check this, because in Slovak language are female surnames written in specific way. (note: if you have Czech Republic OC, this can help you too for female surname)
So, let's start.

In Slovak calendar almost each day has assigned from one to three names. For example at 7th March has nameday Tomáš. So today everyone called Tomáš receive little presents, such as sweets, flowers, liquor, money or simply congratulations.
You can choose any name from Slovak calendar and any surname you like, however if you want me to give some criteria, it would be for both first name and surname:
1. name should be of Slavic origin
2. it shouldn't
:icondokudoki:DokuDoki 8 10
{reassurance} APH Slovakia x Reader
{ }
You were jealous.
Andrej was going on about this adorable childhood friend he reunited with. He was, for sure, the most energetic person you ever met. He took delight in the smallest things.
“Hedvika is silly as ever! She’s so shy and–!”
You groan loudly as you shove a pillow in his face, “Andrej! Don't you think you have done enough talking for today?”
“What?” Your Slovakian boyfriend looked surprised, “I thought you enjoy conversing with me?”
“I do,” you mumble, “But...”
“But?” He asked, he took your hands into his own, both of your hands fitting perfectly together. Andrej looked really concerned.
Your cheeks tint red and you turn away, “N-nothing, I apologize for my outburst.” You hope that it wouldn't make anything awkward between you two. That was the last thing you wanted to happen between you and your boyfriend.
Andrej frowns and releases your hands from his grip, he s
:iconi-am-fandom-trash:I-Am-Fandom-Trash 17 15
Info about Slovakia for APH OC makers - SLOVAKS
I hate so much that limitation of title! Real title is "FAMOUS SLOVAKS". Because I, DokuDoki, today tell you some famous slovak people and famous people with slovak origin. Not only people that are known only in Slovakia. I tried to choose some celebrities and inventors, I think it's more interesting for you ^^
Let's start!

Ľudovít Štúr is well known by any slovak child as defender and savior of Slovaks. He lived in 19th century, when was on Slovaks, Romanians and other nations in Hungaria (note: NOT Hungary, which is nowaday Hungary) applied harsh magyarization. He was the leader of the Slovak National Revival (Slovenské národné obrodenie) in half of 19th century and the author of the Slovak language standard eventually leading to the contemporary Slovak literary language. And also organizer of the Slovak volunteer campaigns (Slovensk
:icondokudoki:DokuDoki 8 13
Info about Slovakia for APH OC makers - TALES
In Slovakia are known lots of fairytails, rumors and legends. Title is just tales, because it's over the limit, again >:C
I, DokuDoki, chose just few of them, even it not, but maybe it would interest you...

Three Svätopluk's Rods
There is a legend, why Great Moravia dissolutioned.
When Svätopluk in his bed feeled that he's gonna die, he wanted to see his three sons for a last time. He gave each of them one rod and told them "Break them!" It was not big problem. Then Svätopluk gave them other three rods, but bounded together. He again told them "Break them!" Sons tried, but they failed. Then Svätopluk sayed (something like) "My sons, if you will stay together and help each other, you will be strong and any enemy will not prevail. Just like these three rods, bounded together. However, if you will argue and divide empire into pieces, the enemy will break you easily as one single rod and you will perish."
The Bloody L
:icondokudoki:DokuDoki 9 3
Info about Slovakia for APH OC makers - TRIVIA
It's been a long time... how have you been? *lol, GLaDOS xD*
I, DokuDoki, decided that in this episode I'll show you some trivia about Slovakia, that I collected. I tried my best, but I think it's still not enough. So if you know some trivia or other interesting things and they're not here, write to the comments or send me a note and I will add them!

The most common photo of Bratislava is shot of the Bratislava castle in background and bridge called Nový most (New Bridge) on foreground.
But the most photographed thing in Bratislava is statue called Čumil (Rubberneck), who looks like coming out from sewer.
High Tatras are the smallest high mountains in the world.
Slovak anthem Nad Tatrou sa blýska (Lighting Over the Tatras) has melody based on the Slovak folk song Kopala studienku (She Was Digging a Little Well).
Gerlachovský štít (Gerlach Peak) in High Tatras is the highest point of Slovakia (2655 m, 8 709 ft). It is also the highest peak of
:icondokudoki:DokuDoki 9 11



APH Bulgaria

I can't draw roses rip
Kosice Region
An actual ref ;;;;
Anywaysssss this is Ladislav Otčenáš who is the 

Košice Region  of Slovakia…
The writing at the top is: 
Coat of arms
The curl represents all the castles found in the region
SlovakKošický krajHungarianKassai kerületUkrainianКошицький край

Art / Ladislav Otčenáš © 
:iconcacti-reina:, Cacti-Reina, Myself.

This is a joke guys- 
Fake Pangea OC, And Art
© :iconcacti-reina:Cacti-Reina, Myself.
Hetalia© :iconhimaruyaplz:Hidekaz Himaruya , Hidekazu Himaruya, 日丸屋秀和 , Himaruya Hidekazu
Un-Finished Luxembourg x Romania
First Part of My Ship Generator Next - Gen!
Ship Generator Can be Found here:…
Bios will be added later to any characters made.
Hetalia, Luxembourg and Romania©  :iconhimaruyaplz:Hidekaz Himaruya , Hidekazu Himaruya, 日丸屋秀和 , Himaruya Hidekazu
Gheorghe© :iconcacti-reina:, Cacti-Reina, Myself.


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